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Business Development Events

Welcome to our Business Coaching Events Hub!

Unlock your potential and elevate your business skills at one of the many business coaching events hosted or led by Maria Medina. Whether you’re seeking to fine-tune your networking skills through our networking training sessions, master time management strategies, or cultivate powerful habits for success, Maria’s events offer invaluable insights and practical tools to propel your professional journey forward.

Join us in person at an event in Orange County, CA, or virtually for a webinar!

Upcoming Events

Join us for diverse business events, including business lunch and learn sessions, interactive networking webinars, and comprehensive business development trainings. As a renowned business coach and speaker, Maria delivers impactful presentations and workshops tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

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July 15 | OC Business Finder Workshop Series: Time Management

Discover essential strategies to optimize your time and boost productivity. Maria will share techniques for prioritizing tasks, delegating effectively, and eliminating time-wasters, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters for your business. You will walk away with tools you can use on a daily basis to improve your productivity.

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July 22 | OC Business Finder Workshop Series: Goal Acquisition

Learn to set and attain ambitious yet realistic goals. This session will guide you through the process of defining clear objectives, creating actionable plans, and staying motivated. Walk away with a personalized roadmap to achieving your future goals.

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July 29 | OC Business Finder Workshop Series: Communication

Learn skills to achieve effective communication. Whether it’s pitching to clients, negotiating with vendors, or leading a team, you’ll develop the skills to communicate with confidence and clarity, enhancing every aspect of your business interactions.

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August 5 | OC Business Finder Workshop Series: Networking

Discover the art of building and leveraging a strong professional network. Networking & Business Coach Maria Medina will teach you how to connect with key local influencers, foster meaningful relationships, and utilize networking opportunities to gain new clients, partners and resources. You will walk away knowing how to show up, participate, connect, follow up and deliver to build the strongest network to support you and your business.

Past Events

OPBA Luncheon

April 3, 2024 | Strategic Storytelling

This interactive panel discussion is a must-attend for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to harness the impact of storytelling to help propel their ventures forward.

Past Webinars & Recordings (Click to download)