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Serial entrepreneur, Maria Medina, is now offering exclusive business coaching sessions and workshops with her proven success plan.

Plans offered online and in person.


Serial entrepreneur, Maria Medina, is now offering exclusive coaching sessions and workshops with her proven success plan.

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Real coaching lessons with actionable and measurable tactics.

Unlock the potential of your business with Maria’s specialized mentoring services, designed to drive growth, enhance networking skills, and master the art of sales. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner seeking to elevate your career or a newcomer eager to make your mark, Maria’s coaching sessions and workshops provide invaluable insights and tangible results.

Coaching Services

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  • Great for business owners
  • Experience career growth

Networking & Sales Coaching

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  • Perfect for newcomers 
  • Learn to close more sales

Coaching Consultations

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  • Problem solve an existing issue
  • Set goals with an actionable plan
Maria Medina The Coaching Network

Coaching Review:

“Maria taught me everything I know about networking:”

Directed me to the right events

Faciliated introductions

Perfected my elevator speech

Helped me with my networking techniques

“Without Maria, I would not know how to network!”

Insights from a trusted online business coach—helping you see what’s possible

Helping you see what’s possible

Business Coaching

Unlock the potential of your small business with our small business coaching. With over 15 years of marketing expertise and ongoing business success, Maria offers fully customizable programs to address your unique challenges and goals.
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Time Management

As an entrepreneur with firsthand experience in business growth, Maria empowers you to regain control of your schedule and maximize productivity. Learn essential skills such as smart scheduling, timekeeping strategies, ROI analysis, and boundary setting to reclaim your time and achieve your goals.
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Goal Acquisition

Transform your aspirations into reality with Maria’s goal-setting coaching. Drawing from her wealth of entrepreneurial experience, Maria guides you in crafting a structured plan to efficiently and effectively achieve your objectives.
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Networking and Sales Coaching

Elevate your networking skills with our expert network coaching services. Maria equips you with the tools and techniques to maximize your networking efforts. Whether you’re seeking to expand your professional circle or enhance sales opportunities, Maria’s fully customizable coaching programs offer personalized guidance to help you achieve your goals.
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Coaching Consultations

Book a personalized consultation with Coach Maria Medina to gain expert advice on your current business situation.
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Free Resources

Dive into our curated collection of invaluable tools designed to streamline your journey to success.
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Grow Beyond Your Limits

We specialize in helping you identify the problems anchoring you in place. When you work with us, we create a plan to overcome these anchors, pushing you to experience true forward momentum in your career, business, or life.

Learn Valuable Lessons

Learning is a massive part of what we do. Our coaching sessions and workshops are customized and tailored to you and your situation, whether individually or as a team. Every session is fully created by Maria Medina based on your particular circumstances.

Flexible Meeting Times

Maria is currently located in Orange County, California, and able to offer her online coaching services nationwide. We offer three flexible meeting schedules to make our coaching program work for you. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly coaching packages. You can also book individual coaching consultations if you prefer to meet once or twice sporadically.

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Maria Medina pulls up her “Networking With Purpose” slide presentation

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Grow your business with proven strategies from a business coach with actual entrepreneurial experience. Maria Medina has successfully grown her own business and she has helped others grow throughout her journey. Learn more about Maria.

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Free Resources

We want you to achieve everything you set out to, and to make your journey a little easier. We will be posting useful tips and resources here and on our social media to help you grow. Visit our free resources area and follow our social media for weekly updates.

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